Prague, Czech Republic - 10 May 2004

Benchmark Data for PETS-ECCV 2004

CAVIAR Test Case Scenarios

Video clips created 11th of July, 2003


For the CAVIAR project a number of video clips were recorded acting out the different scenarios of interest. These include people walking alone, meeting with others, window shopping, fighting and passing out and last, but not least, leaving a package in a public place.

All video clips were filmed for the CAVIAR project with a wide angle camera lens in the entrance lobby of the INRIA Labs at Grenoble, France. The resolution is half-resolution PAL standard (384 x 288 pixels, 25 frames per second) and compressed using MPEG2. The file sizes are mostly between 6 and 12 MB, a few up to 21 MB.

This data is publicly available and on this page they can be downloaded in MPEG2 format or split into JPEGs. If you publish results using the data, please acknowledge the data as coming from the EC Funded CAVIAR project/IST 2001 37540, found at URL:

The grammar for the ground truth labeling files is here .

The Clips

Six basic scenarios were acted out by the CAVIAR team members. Most clips start with one member showing in body sign language the scene number. This can be used for calibration or be removed at will.


One person walking - straight lineWalk1.mpg

Ground truth: wk1gt.txt

One person walking - straight lineWalk2.mpg

Ground truth withheld.

One person walking - B-line Walk3.mpg

Ground truth: wk3gt.txt


Person browsing back and forth Browse1.mpg

Ground truth withheld

Person browsing and reading for a while Browse2.mpg

Ground truth: br2gt.txt

Person browsing and reading with back turned Browse3.mpg

Ground truth withheld

Person browsing reception desk Browse4.mpg

Ground truth: br4gt.txt

Person browsing while waiting short Browse_WhileWaiting1.mpg

Ground truth withheld.

Person browsing while waiting long Browse_WhileWaiting2.mpg

Ground truth: bww2gt.txt

Resting, slumping or fainting

Person resting in chair Rest_InChair.mpg

Ground truth withheld.

Person slump on floor Rest_SlumpOnFloor.mpg

Ground truth: rsfgt.txt

Person wiggle on floor Rest_WiggleOnFloor.mpg

Ground truth withheld.

Person fall down immobile Rest_FallOnFloor.mpg

Ground truth: rffgt.txt

Leaving bags behind

Person leaving bag by wall LeftBag.mpg

Ground truth withheld.

Person leaving bag at chairs LeftBag_AtChair.mpg

Ground truth: lb2gt.txt

Person leaving bag behind chairs LeftBag_BehindChair.mpg

Ground truth withheld.

Person leaving box LeftBox.mpg

Ground truth: lbgt.txt

Person leaving bag but then pick it up again LeftBag_PickedUp.mpg

Ground truth withheld.

People/groups meeting, walking together and splitting up

Two people meet and walk together Meet_WalkTogether1.mpg

Ground truth: mwt1gt.txt

Two other people meet and walk together Meet_WalkTogether2.mpg

Ground truth withheld.

Two people meet, walk together and split Meet_WalkSplit.mpg

Ground truth: mws1gt.txt

Two people meet, walk, split with third person Meet_Split_3rdGuy.mpg

Ground truth withheld.

Crowd of four people meet, walk and split Meet_Crowd.mpg

Ground truth: mc1gt.txt

Two people enter walk and split Split.mpg

Ground truth withheld.

Two people fighting

Two people meet, fight and run away Fight_RunAway1.mpg

Ground truth: fra1gt.txt

Two other people meet, fight and run away Fight_RunAway2.mpg

Ground truth withheld.

Two people meet, fight, one down, other runs away Fight_OneManDown.mpg

Ground truth: fomdgt1.txt

Two people meet, fight and chase each other Fight_Chase.mpg

Ground truth withheld.